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Gregory "Greggo" Atkins is the owner and founder of ATKINS ARTHOUSE, a creative art company that specializes in fine arts, digital graphics and illustration. Atkins is a professional artist who has been developing art such as paintings, advertisements and digital media for more than 20 years. He has created art for U.S. Presidents, celebrities, professional sports teams, and Fortune 500 companies. He holds a M.F.A degree in painting from Miami University, a Bachelor of Science degree from The University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, and a Career and Technical Education certification from Texas A&M.   

Atkins has taught art in colleges and public schools for more than 20 years.

Learn more about Atkins' Children's Literature and  book series here:

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At age six, I was deeply inspired by my father to put pencil to paper and create. I remember him saying. "If you wanna' draw Bulb, just draw!" And that merely became the groundwork for my life as an artist. That was the birthplace where I began seeing the world around me differently - through a window of opportunity which enabled me to explore Inspiration


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